Selling for Non-Sales People

Do you think that sales is something either you have or you don’t?

Maybe your current job title might not be in the sales department, you don’t make a living on commission or quota and you look at the sales department as completely different creatures than who you are. You may even attribute sales to negative stereotypes: the sleezy car dealer or the quick talking insurance person. You’ve always wondered what makes someone a good salesperson and just never really thought that sales was something you’d ever be good at?
I hate to break the hard truth to everyone but that is: WE ARE ALL IN SALES!

I’ve been in sales since I first did the definition of exchanging a good/service for money when I was 9 yeas old and sold items door to door for my school. Professionally, I’ve been selling for over 15 years in various roles and industries. I love the life-long pursuit of learning sales. I’ve learned tons of sales methodologies and with all the sales wins I’ve had I’ve also learned from all the times my buyer didn’t make a purchase.

Take advantage of my knowledge to help you improve the next time you’re convincing anyone to do anything!

Every day, whether you do it consciously or unconsciously, you’ve probably needed to persuade someone to do something. Maybe it’s your spouse on where to eat tonight. You might be at an airport and asking to get the last seat on an oversold flight. Or maybe you’re suggesting an idea to your manager to improve productivity.

Whatever the case may be there are always opportunities where all of us are actually selling to people and we just don’t realize it.

As the award winning author and social scientist Dan Pink puts it in his titled book “To Sell is Human”.

This course is really geared towards those people that might not specifically be in a sales related position. You want to get more comfortable the next time you’re pitching anything and you want some advice on how to position in. You may not think you’re a naturally gifted salesperson but I want to get you more confident in your ability!

In this course we will go over things like:

  • How to ask the right questions to uncover your buyers problems
  • Discuss certain situations you have coming up or that you’ve been through to offer ideas of optimizing conversations
  • Ways to use empathy with who you’re presenting to
  • What’s value and how to position value to get what you’re looking for.

To name a few!

Let’s start today and help you become better at selling to people and take the stigma away from it!

To get a little more insights into some sales techniques that translate into other areas of business and personal relationships check out my article on LinkedIN:

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