Radical Authenticity & Transformation Coach

As a Soul Alchemist and Intuitive Empathic Healer:

I teach Self-Awareness and Self-Love Strategies that help you develop a resilient, warrior mindset so you can transition through struggle, adversity, and stress with trust, clarity, ease, and flow.

I use energy medicine and intuitive guidance to amplify feelings of self-worth, self-empowerment, confidence, inspiration and creative expression in you.

I ask questions that inspire radical transformation in you.

Together we initiate feelings of empowerment and resolve that help you believe in yourself and deeply honor your personal needs, desires, values, and visions.

I come into your life to encourage you to dissolve internal and external barriers that disempower, devalue or diminish your magnificent light and worth. I teach you how to set healthy, empowering boundaries that will give you the freedom to live your authentic truth and fearlessly explore your hearts desires and your soul's creative calling.

You'll know your worth and value in my presence. You'll learn to recognize the meaning and purpose behind every one of your life struggles and lessons and then you'll learn to be grateful for the new perspectives shown you.

Magical things happen when you suddenly wake up and realize every part of your life was divinely designed just so you could realize your life matters and you belong in our world just as you are.

I'm here to show you your tremendous worth... show you how much the world needs someone exactly like you.

You'll learn to own all of yourself... not just parts of yourself. You'll learn to love your authentic journey like never before. And when you do... you'll suddenly come alive and begin to perceive your life and all of life from a divinely sacred perspective that endlessly showers you with love and grace.

You didn't come here on this earth to just survive.

You came here to unveil your authentic nature and thrive as a conscious warrior of light serving the larger purpose of your soul's intentions and mission.

You're here to become your own hero... embrace greater courage and compassion as you experience important lessons and gain valuable insights and breakthroughs...

Work with me and you will take back your sovereign power and awaken to your soul's creative gifts and potential.

You will become your own catalyst of authentic transformation... shifting from victim mindset to abundance and gratitude mindset.

This miraculous shift in consciousness not only initiates countless life-changing transformations in you... it begins to profoundly influence and impact every human being you connect with that deeply resonates with your meaningful stories and messages.

This is what is possible for you when you sign on with a Soul Alchemist like myself.

You're going to remember how worthy, valuable and important you and your journey are.

As a Radical Authenticity & Transformation Coach...

I love showing my clients how much incredible purpose and potential lies within themselves and their life story. My heart expands every time I persuade them to believe that their soul came into this world with a profound message and authentic mission they need to share with the world.

I want everyone I meet to know that it's not only possible to discover their Soul Message and Mission... this process is necessary and needed. And all it takes to begin this journey is a simple request for the universe to deliver the right teacher/healer who will ignite the light in their soul.

Deep, soul-stirring transformation happens at a core level when I help awaken your Soul's Voice and Intentions.

An abundance mindset begins to grow within you that fills you with powerful focus, inspiration, empowerment and clarity. Your intuition, gifts, strengths and even your courage becomes magnified all so you can finally begin living with deeper soul-driven vision, intention, and creative mastery.

I tell my clients often that an inspired life of freedom and fulfillment can only come from the Soul and the only way to ever live a fulfilling and abundant life is through your Soul. You have to own your Authentic Nature and expressing your authentic potential in genuinely meaningful and impactful ways. And you do this by first owning your story.

A joyous, fulfilling life is attained when you authentically captivate and inspire the world with your unique struggles, breakthroughs, and transformations.

Own your incredible journey and you've found your calling and you've unlocked your soul's potential and power.

Share your profound lessons and messages with the right people who will relate to you and you've found your tribe.

There are countless more teachings I can coach you on... many areas of expertise I specialize in... if you're not sure how I can help you yet you deeply resonate with my messages here then contact me and I'll be able to show you exactly how I can help you.

Blessings to you,

Lana Chandler


Keywords: Radical Soul Alchemy & Shadow Alchemy - Intuitive/Empathic Healing and Coaching - Empowering and Elevating Spiritually Minded Souls who seek Authentic Personal Growth, Spiritual Development, Intuitive Guidance and Heart-Centred Coaching, Positive Psychology & Mindfulness Coaching, Bio-Geometry Healing, Psych K Healing, Matrix Energetix Healing, Sacred Geometric Angelic Light Healing, Quantum Touch Healing, Chakra & Meridian Healing, Intuitive Oracle Readings
Coaching Topic: LC Problems & Solutions
Gender of the Coach: Female

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