Consultative selling - Two Days Training - 8 people

CONSULTATIVE SELLING ODIR®- Two Days Training - 8 people

This training offers a sales method based on identifying the customers’ requirements through the development of unconscious and conscious needs. Delegates learn to use each opportunity at the right time, thus achieving higher results and developing more long-term relationships with the customers.

DURATION : 2 days / This program is valid for 14 PDCs for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM.


Sales managers, relationship managers, account managers, internal and external sales representatives, technical specialists with customer contact.


Participants learn how to use the ODIR® model efficiently. Therefore they recognize customer needs more effectively and can develop these proficiently.
As a result, this sales strategy makes their selling skills transparent and measurable and guarantees more success as a bottom line.

The ODIR® steps to successful sales:
• Seeking information – Techniques and methods.
• Seeking problems – Conscious needs.
• Questions seeking impacts and consequences resulting
from uncovered difficulties – Unconscious needs.
• Seeking requirements and defining the complexity of
the required solution.
• Benefit statements – presenting solutions and detailing
services to be offered.

• Recognition of the own behaviour patterns in
the sales call
• Becoming acquainted with the ODIR® consulting
& sales strategy (the four phases of success)
• Appropriate use of benefit statements and benefit
• Handling customers according to their personality
• Handling objections
• Handling customer complaints

Short theory inputs followed by intensive practical exercises.
Feedback/analysis of role plays supported by audio recordings.

Package price for a two days training In-house:
US$ 15’340.00 for 8 delegates including 2 Trainer, all material including a e-stimate® sales profile, only in the US

Please call if you have any questions

850 - 739 3361

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