180 Life Changing-Flip the switch 7-11 day immersion program

Back your bag, you are moving!

AND you are taking garbages out. All you need are your clothes. I got you covered.

Enough is enough?

This immersion program, you will move in with me in the beautiful Tampa Bay area or you can opt for remote coaching. You do need to spend a lot of alone time during this process. Minimizing family/friends interaction is crucial in your first few days. You need privacy. This is about you and only you.

You'll have my undivided attention. However, you will spend time alone to process.

Call me before you book this one. I have different packages depends on your needs, accommodation, and other request such as specific location etc. Packages start at $10000k.

This experience is very specific. I have to assess our compatibility and your readiness.

If you are wondering is this for you? Here's a few tips:

-This post is screaming your name.

-You understand me, my path. You have a similar life experience.

-You know you gotta flip that switch ASAP.

-You are beyond WILLING to work on you.

-You've tried everything else, but me.

  • You are ready for a big change, for a higher vibration.
  • Money, relationships can't make you happy anymore.

-You need serious privacy.

-You don't want to talk about your private life, you just really need change.

-You are scared, but you trust me.

-You understand my gift, you've used similar services in the past.

Do you fit most of these?

I'm your girl. I'm the ONE!

Enough is enough.

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