Leveraging Your Innovative Leadership Power

To be an effective leader in the innovative workplace, leaders must learn to leverage instead of wielding power.

In this one hour session, I work with you to assess your default power approach and then work with you to use the most appropriate type of power for the specific situation.

I work with aspiring and emerging leaders to think bigger and reach higher, leveraging their power to maximize their performance, production and profits in their organization. My goal is to help each client do what they never thought possible. In order to do that, I work with them to create a cutting edge culture in their mind and in the world around them.

Disruptive change is the story of my life. I worked factory and warehouse jobs until I was about to turn 31. I disrupted my life and went back to college to earn my Bachelor's, Masters and Ph.D. in Communication Studies. I went on to teach college full time for the next 8 years. Over that time, I taught 23 undergraduate and graduate courses in Communication, Business, and Leadership. Having written and taught several college courses, I knew I had the knowledge that many outside of academia needed for their breakthroughs.

So I disrupted my life again by leaving academia to become a small business and executive coach. I utilize the breadth and depth of my academic knowledge and combine it with the practical application I found in manual labor as well as the cutting edge and best practices of business. This allows me to offer a different perspective that leads to innovative breakthroughs for my clients. In the process, I started writing and speaking to share my knowledge. To date, I've written 12 books and expect to release 4 more by the spring of 2019. I have also blogged weekly for several years.
What you may not know is that my wife got us into running 7 years ago. We started with 5Ks and then progressed to 10K, 15K and Half Marathons. In January of 2018, we ran our first marathon. We don't enjoy running but love that it pushes us to do what we wouldn't do otherwise.
With all that knowledge and different perspectives, what breakthrough could you imagine?


Keywords: leadership, leadership power, leadership development, strategy, communication
Coaching Topic: BC Communication
Gender of the Coach: Male

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