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Timothy R. Johnson

Co-Creator Why-To-Wealth™ System

Entrepreneur | Speaker | Author | Trainer | Consultant | Investor | Philanthropist | Business Development Strategist For S.T.U.P.I.D.™ Thought Leaders (Smart, Talented, Unique, Person In Demand™)

Founder Of The S.O.L.D.™ Business Development Process & "Why-To-Wealth 1% Club™" Board of Directors

What does it cost your business when your marketing and sales processes aren't smooth and consistent with each and every customer contact? How many sales are lost each month because your ideal clients don't see you as their best solution, or your message leaves too many unanswered questions? How many sales are you losing even when your message-to-market matches up, but your sales message gets changed or confused once they respond?

These are just a few of the common marketing and sales challenges business development and sales expert Tim Johnson has solved for hundreds of clients. It didn't just happen… Tim learned the hard way by building several successful businesses including as a general contractor and investor.

He found his own success ended up consuming more and more of his life. His businesses couldn't run without him, so instead of spending weekends with his family, like his employees did, he was clocking 100-hour weeks and missing his kid's ballgames.

Tim searched for solutions to streamline his operations, to fix the "holes" in his staffing, sales and marketing processes, and put in automated systems and processes that made sure his clients had the same experience, consistently, time and time again. His efforts paid off: Tim saw his business grow by double digits while cutting his workload by two-thirds.

Coaching Topic: BC Sales & negotiation
Gender of the Coach: Male

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