SEO Coaching - How To Improve Your Google Search Ranking

As someone who has achieved #1 rankings in Google and is connected with SEO geniuses and people who are striving to provide quality search engine and website experiences, I will give you a full in-depth analysis for how to improve your Google search ranking for your website.

There are many factors in improving your Google search ranking, and I’ll cover some of the most important ones here.

For a complete in-depth analysis and one-to-one conversation where you can ask me whatever questions you’d like, then you can consider getting more in-depth SEO coaching.

One of the first and potentially most important things to consider is that your website should be friendly for humans to use. Google wants its users to stay around and keep using their search engine over other search engines like Bing or Yahoo, so they want to make sure that whatever your website has is friendly for them.

One simple example is having a website that is mobile-friendly so that it is easy to use on phones and tablets. I can check to make sure your website is mobile-friendly in our in-depth SEO coaching session.

Perhaps one of the most important things for your website to improve in ranking on Google is that your content is relevant and provides context to what you are ranking for. So for example, if you are ranking for “pizza in Monmouth County NJ”, then your website should contain information related to pizza. If 50% of your homepage was talking about Derek Jeter, that would not make much sense and could confuse the search engine about what it is your website is about.

That being said, doing things like “keyword stuffing” is something that is easily detectable these days and can HURT your search engine rankings. An example of this would be trying to overuse a keyword or using it on the page in ways that do not make sense for the user’s experience. If it seems that it is used in a natural way, then that can be okay but still, it is a good guideline to have lots of context in SEO instead of reverting to lots of “spam.”

For example, on sites with listings, it can make sense for a person to list off keywords that the listing is related to. This could be seen as natural. If a pizza site just started listing lots of keywords in comma form like “pizza NJ, pizza Monmouth county NJ” and so on then that could be seen as unnatural and could hurt the website’s ranking in Google. I can help you SEO optimize your website and make sure that it is not accidentally appearing unnatural.

This brings us to my next point which is that Google ranks based on an algorithm. There are so many keyword phrases that can be searched, that it would be impossible to have humans manually adjust every single keyword phrase to every single website.

There are new keyword phrases that are searched every day that have never been searched before and as new events happen and new brands are created, Google still needs to determine the most relevant content to show to you. It also has to guess what is most relevant to what it is that you’re looking for.

When you understand that Google is using an algorithm that desires relevance and importance, then it can be easier to realize what to put on a website and how to structure your website for success.

Even the URL for your page, including the domain you are using, is a signal to the search engines about what your website is about. So for example, if you wanted to rank for “pizza in Monmouth County NJ” then you may have a page about types of pizza. If on this page you talked about pineapple pizza, it could give the search engines an easier time understanding that your pizza place has pineapple pizza.

If on the other hand, you had a hair salon and then talked about pineapple pizza, someone typing in “pineapple pizza in Monmouth County NJ” might not want to see your hair salon page because it might not be relevant. So the algorithm will calculate the likelihood that your site is relevant for pineapple pizza before deciding to show it as the first ranking in the search engines and the overall content and structure of your site will help influence your search engine ranking.

Finally, there is another factor which is important in understanding how to improve your search ranking on Google, which is how other websites are linking to your website. This is perhaps the least understood part of SEO and perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is naturalness and relevancy.

If you got a link from a Monmouth county digital agency like for example then that could help indicate your website is relevant for Monmouth County NJ and digital services.

There are many places that offer links to your website, however, if those places do not provide a quality experience, then they can do more harm to your website than good.

I can also help you with how to get quality links if you’d like a more in-depth SEO coaching session.

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