Magnetize Your Message & Monetize your Conversations

Ever failed to convey your message to potential clients and customers with the success you had desired? Ever struggled at work when looking for that higher level role and paycheck and failed to impress top management? Do you wonder how to balance your true essence with the tough commercial realities you face today?

Everyday we 'sell' ourselves to others as we interact and forge relationships and friendships.

I used to fail many times in my life even when passionate about my subject matter and the disappointment is magnified when you know you have so much to give. I believed in me but not the conversion of my conversations into a contract. Then I noticed as I got more engaged from my heart, and released the mind stress of 'selling', I actually attracted the best contracts especially from more senior clients. My genuine conversation turned mayhem into magic!

After 30 years experience and success, I have taken on the mantle of #MissMagicalConversations as I have mastered a MAGICAL CONVERSATIONS FORMULA. I can now share the formula to ensure YOU gain successful outcomes using the same formula. In our session, you will discover 3 steps to success:

1 Get to know Your Magical Conversations nature - your own MC- style - based on your position on The Gender Dynamics Map - this is a navigation system that pinpoints a) your style as a man or a woman, assessing your masculine and feminine language patterns b) your connection to your audience and c) the best ways to fulfill every relationship contract.
2 Learn how to deliver Your Magical Conversations in consistent manner and with mutual values to share in order to seal the best Client- Customer Relationships
3. Celebrate the shift within your WHOLE LIFE, as you embody the practice of Magical Conversations every day, respecting your true nature as the man or woman you are today.

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Coaching Topic: BC Communication
Gender of the Coach: Female

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