Jon Huet

Jon Huet

Business Painter since 1998. Music Collector (cds, vinyls, promo posters and other music promo items) Music interests since 1973 (age 7) Music collector since 1979 (age 12). First promo poster w/ 8 flats recieved, Peter Gabriel "So" (June 1986).

Sports interests ---- Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots.

YouTube channel : KidAJonni

Music Genre : Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Grunge Rock. All hit songs from the 1960s - present in other categories.

Favorite Athlete : Larry Bird

Favorite Film : Tie: ... Goodfellas (1990), Casino (1995)

Favorite TV Series : The Six Million Dollar Man (1974 - 1978), Home Improvement (1991 - 1999).

Fictional Comedy ideas created by me: "Watcha Want Records", A music store i always wanted to own with this store name. "Tired Guys Landscaping" a self owned business run by 2 guys (myself and a friend) who are always tired and late to the job. Our slogans are "We'll Get There When We Get There" & "Call Us For A Quote Where We Keep One Eye Open".

Favorite Personal Albums : "Days Of Future Passed" (1967, The Moody Blues), "Tommy" (1969, The Who), "Play" (1999, Moby), "Kid A" (2000, Radiohead), "In Rainbows" (2007, Radiohead), "Abacab" (1981, Genesis), "Sheer Heart Attack" (1974, Queen), "In Search Of The Lost Chord" (1968, The Moody Blues)

Facebook page: Jon Huet
Twitter: jonhuet1
Instagram: kidajonni
Age : 55

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Good session!

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Great session.

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Another good session. Thanks again!

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Jon Huet