Karen Cherrett

Karen suffered from anxiety, panic attacks and overwhelm most of her life. She hated being with any more than one person at a time, crowds completely upended her.

She's experienced the deepest grief imaginable, after her 23-year-old daughter died suddenly, 11 days after being married.

Karen has also spent most of her life avoiding her feelings, as she thought that if she allowed herself to be in touch with them, they would overwhelm her, just like a tidal wave and she wouldn't know how to survive that.

Life isn't' always easy, especially if you live in that roller coaster ride of emotional turmoil each and every day.

Karen loves to support you to make that roller coaster ride less impactful on your life. She provides individual and small group coaching to help with anxiety, overwhelm and specific life situations.

After doing many years of her own inner work she now lives a peaceful and stress free life, with no anxiety. She's able to be in large crowds with ease.

Twitter: karencherrett4
Age : 56
Years of experience : 20+
KEYWORDS: anxiety, overwhelm, stress, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts

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