Karen Cherrett

Karen is an Aussie, who now calls Denver, Colorado home.

She has an extensive background in working in both Government and the Corporate world in a number of roles and sized organizations.

Karen's aim is to support people to have a happier and healthier working life. She loves coaching others to communicate clearly and be present. Both of these things support efficiency.

Patterned behaviors of response are things that we unconsciously do and in coaching sessions with Karen you will unearth these patterns and work on shifting them.

Mindset shifts can happen and improve not only your working life, also your personal life, as they are closely interconnected. Working with Karen you might also find that working on what is bothering you at home, and changing that, impacts positively on your work life.

Karen is a trained Counselor, and a trained Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie. She uses 'The Work' and self-inquiry as the tool to support shifts in life both at work and home.

She also has extensive experience as both a Project Manager and a Change Manager.

Twitter: karencherrett4
Age : 56
Years of experience : 20+
KEYWORDS: leadership development, business coaching, project management coach, executive leadership coach, change management

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