Jason Glover

Jason Glover

Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the medical device industry. Strong entrepreneurship that is skilled in Medical Devices, Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Healthcare Information Technology (HIT), and Management. An inventor with three Patents.

Helping with patent price per consultation and it includes answers and works on the following topics:

Consultation with a client for the Patent submission:

a) Trademarks (logo, branding, word)
b) Copyrights (music, written lyrics, written word, sounds recording, paintings, novels, books)
c) Utility patents (machines, a manufacturer, or composite of matter, medical devices and Design Patents (the actual shape and size, design of the product)
Example of a patent: The problem of unauthorized access to veterinary records is solved by storing such records on a server (i.e. the cloud) that interfaces with a hand-held device used by veterinarians. Access to the records on the server by the hand-held device is only provided if a pet owner presents an authentication credential containing authentication data unique to that pet owner. In one preferred embodiment of the invention, the authentication credential is a “smart” card containing a chip that stores authentication data.
d) Researching for the patents

I am an Alumni and have 10 years of experience with the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas- The largest in the World dealing with AI, Blockchain, Digital Health, and other Emerging Technologies


Age : 46
Years of experience : 10-20
KEYWORDS: cryptocurrency, patents, medical devices, utility, design, government grants

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Jason Glover