Pam Edgerton

Pam Edgerton

A native of Maryland, Pam grew up in the foothills of Virginia hunt country. Following graduation from high school in 1987, she studied computers and grabbed an early foothold in technology and the show management arena. After 10 years in tradeshow management with the American Chemical Society, she was awarded 2002 Show Manager of the Year for her record breaking shows and streamlining logistical innovations incorporating the emerging internet. Following 911, she left her corner office job in D.C. and went back to school to become a nationally registered paramedic where she served her community for several years before turning to animal healthcare for an additional 10 years.

She is an artist, writer, advocate of both human and animal rights, and supporter of great cinema and theatrical talent. Most recently she executive produced, "Middlemarch", with her friend since elementary school. Pam wrote her first screenplay in the early 90's which she recalls, "was lost somewhere in Hollywood".


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I so look forward to our chats. It's like talking to a family member, who remembers everything!!!! It's great fun ;)

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Pam Edgerton