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As an experienced entrepreneur, active academic, recovering CPA, lifelong learner, enthusiastic teacher, motivating consultant/coach, successful author, and proud Navy veteran, I bring a lot of experience to the table. I thrive on helping others develop new skills, expand their knowledge, grow their organizations, inspire their students and staff, educate their people, and effectively use the latest technologies - especially LinkedIn. I authored the definitive LinkedIn resource "Your COMPLETE Guide to SUCCEEDING with LinkedIn" to help YOU develop a top 5% profile assisting YOU to achieve YOUR goals.

I have the business experience, academic credentials, and entrepreneurial scars, allowing me to effectively serve YOU. I am a former Big 8 (now Big 4) licensed CPA, holding multiple degrees including a UW-Doctorate (DBA), Wharton-MBA, Boston U.-Bachelor’s in Accounting/Business, and Education Masters (MAE) in Ed. Tech. I have founded, owned, grown, and sold multiple businesses, interviewed and hired thousands, and am ready to bring this knowledge to help YOU and YOUR colleagues succeed.

I work to inspire others through my enthusiasm and passion. I bring 20+ years of domestic and international business experience along with 10+ years of full-time academic teaching and program management knowledge. I strive to combine the best of academia, with the direct application of effective business practices, enhancing professional development for all.

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