Aware and Conscious

As Spiritual Mentor and Ordained Minister/Professional Officiant, Speaker and Amazon Best Selling Author, Carol combines over 30 years of spiritual practice and training to assist those that are living in a state of grief and often times don’t realize it. Through her own journey she discovered that disappointment, unresolved cycles of action, unmet expectations, etc., stem from deep seeded belief systems that run our lives unconsciously and govern every decision we make. Traumatic events, death of loved ones and/or pets and how we perceive these events are directly connected to our belief systems relating to the Life/Death cycle.

Carol works with clients to become aware of their grief so that they can move through and beyond it to live with more energy and joy. Joy and Love after all is our natural state of Being.
Carol has an End of Life Care Certification through The Twilight Brigade a national non-profit organization to assist those at the end of life to transition with less fear and help their loved ones through the process as well.

Years of experience : 10-20
KEYWORDS: Spirituality, Teacher, Coaching, Mentor, Consciousness, Self-Awareness, Transformation, Grief Advocate, Astrology

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