Bruce Wawrzyniak

Bruce Wawrzyniak

The clients that I've served - and gotten results for - have come from categories such as musician, actress, author, entrepreneur, filmmaker, small businesses owner, and even Olympic athlete. I have been a speaker at events in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington D.C., Florida, Tennessee, and Alabama. I am the author of a four-volume eBook series and am the host of a weekly podcast that has had multiple placements in the iTunes Top 10 (Music category) and gotten listeners from 155 countries around the world. Combined with other podcasts that I'm doing or have done, I've hosted more than 600 podcast episodes in eight years. I have also been a broadcaster on radio, TV, and the Internet.

In addition to podcasting, my specialty is communications -- media relations, public relations, marketing, the Web, and social media. I help people polish their brand so that everything is first class, and I assist in getting clients noticed. My work contributes to you getting results so that you don't lose out to your competitors and sit wondering why they're getting the opportunities and not you.

Years of experience : 10-20
KEYWORDS: podcasting, publicist, media, speaker

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Bruce is a true expert in his field, and a lovely guy. It was great to discuss my podcast project with him and hear his thoughts and suggestions.

I recommend chatting with Bruce if you have a project that could use some advice from a podcasting expert.

Bruce Wawrzyniak