Brigitte Bartley

Brigitte is a Certified Life Coach, mother of three boys who is passionate about nutrition, fitness, writing and travel. Due to health challenges of her son, she was awakened to nutrition, organic foods, organic living & skincare.
Turning her passion into a profession, Brigitte is passionate about guiding other men & women feel their best, live vibrantly, and discover financial freedom so you can spend more time doing what you love.

With her passion in the health and fitness industry, a web based business was the perfect fit as she was able to manage her own schedule and maintain being a full time mom to her 3 boys. With a foundation in her nutrition program, Brigitte focuses on mindset, nutrition and lifestyle within her team. Her desire is to encourage every person to strive for their full potential. She desires to awaken each soul their dreams, purpose and ambitions. Brigitte continues to support and build a successful team across the United States and globally.

KEYWORDS: Nutrition, Mindset, Lifestyle, Certified Life Coach

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