Bill Johansson

Hi, my name is Bill Johansson. I spent 20 years as a United States Submarine Officer, most of which in leadership and management roles in Engineering and Operations, solving complex problems in austere and unforgiving environments from Africa to the Arctic. Having overcome numerous personal and professional challenges, I am ready to share my experience and knowledge with you to help build resiliency into your organizational or personal leadership philosophy, with lessons learned in the world’s finest leadership development institution, the United States Armed Forces.

Leader of Peerless Teams
- 20-year veteran of US Submarine Force and US Special Operations Command
- Second in command of the first submarine to integrate and qualify women as submarine officers
- Six-time winner of national and regional team performance awards

Engineer of Creative Solutions
- Sustained operations of a nuclear reactor for six months, hundreds of feet under the ocean, with limited external support
- Provided global engineering and maintenance support to six deployed submarines, ensuring mission success
- Oversaw the de-fueling of a nuclear reactor, and decommissioning of associated systems, ahead of schedule, and under budget

Manager of Projects Large and Small
- Masterminded an international C-level two-day seminar to address problems related to hostage recovery
- Improved operational, procurement, and research and development collaborations for more than 660,000 employees
- Orchestrated 600+ projects at a total of $100M, managing inventory process improvement, logistics management, and compliance with federal law

Age : 42
Years of experience : 20+
KEYWORDS: Resiliency coach, leadership, management, LinkedIn coach, life coach, resiliency practitioner, engineer, operations, P2P, keynote speaker, navy, submarine officer

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