Avery Stephenson

I know what it's like to enter a new season of life and wonder "what's next for me?" I know what it's like to desire radical change in my life without changing radically, but rather in small steps. If you can identify, my 1 Degree Change coaching programs were created just for you.

The women who benefit from my programs are successful women:
*Empty nesters
*Those who've done some internal work
* Widows

Through coaching support and accountability, clients dig deep to connect with their passion and purpose and achieve soul-centered goals.

As a result of coaching, women experience:
*Renewed relationships
*Changed careers
*Bucket List created and checking things off
*Healthy boundaries
*and more.

I am a Certified Life and Health & Wellness Coach, and founder of 1 Degree Change. I am here to partner with you, inspire, motivate and support as you write amazing new chapters in your life story.

Years of experience : 10-20
KEYWORDS: Life Coach, Certified Life Coach, 1 Degree Change, Empty Nest, Widow, Divorcee, Mindset Coach, Habit Change Coach, New Chapter

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