Leslie D. Smith - CLC®, CDC®

I’m Leslie Smith, the founder and CEO of The Leslie Co®, a life strategy coaching practice specializing in Divorce and Recovery.

I take pride in guiding a client towards a better and more confident outcome. The Leslie Co® was created out of the need to assist individuals who are seeking qualified answers during a life event. The people I serve are looking for direction in obtaining emotional stability, life skills, and achieving a suitable outcome.

What is my role?

Educator: I empower you with the knowledge that will save YOU money and time, as well as help you to work towards achieving a better outcome.

A Thinking Partner: I am a sounding board for you and I can help you think through options and decisions that must be made.

A Champion: I am in my clients corner every step of the way, working with them to explore how to create the desired outcome they want to develop their best self.

Let me help you achieve your breakthrough today!

Twitter: @classy70
Instagram: TheLeslieCo
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KEYWORDS: Depression, Confusion, Life Plan, advocate, life coach, emotional support, loss, grief, happiness, starting over, new beginning, answers, life plan, relationships, coparenting, personal development, self care, confidence, courage, win, best self

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