Tara Fischer

Tara Fischer

I am Tara, dreamer, traveller and mermaid. I am also a personal and spiritual growth mentor, happiness and success coach as well as travel coach and surf instructor.

Ever since I was a child I loved to spend time outdoors and explore what the world has to offer. I love connecting with people and learning about them as well as about myself. Due to my signs I am a naturally optimistic and positive person and crave freedom more than anything else. Which lead me to create this wonderful boho lifestyle for myself where I can go wherever I want, whenever I want and do whatever I want to.

As everyone in life, I had my challenges, but I truly believe they all teach us something wonderful and I can attest that mine for sure did. Over the past years, I’ve learned and grown so much, more than I could have ever imagined and life just kept getting better.

At some point in life I decided I wanted to help people to have the same, amazing experience of life, that I have, be happy and make all their dreams come true. I founded the DreamLife Project, started to specialize in self-discovery, life design and conscious living and am now considered as an expert in all things happiness, personal growth and holistic wellbeing.

Every day I am helping people to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life through mentoring them on what I call the 5 facets of change: Mindset, Mindfulness, Manifestation, Awareness, Health.

Here for I am using tools like meditation, visualisation, lunar cycles, traveling, surfing and strategic communication to transform people and lives.

To get to know me even better visit my website www.tarafischer.org.

Alter : 25
Jahre Erfahrung: 1-5
KEYWORDS: life coach, confidence, selbstbewusstsein, happiness coach, success coach, erfolgscoach, glückscoach, manifestation, mindset, selbstfindung, self-discovery, emotional regulation

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Tara Fischer