Megan Kay

Megan Kay

Megan is the founder and president of NeuroPolitan LLC. She acquired her Masters in Business/Entrepreneurship from University of Tampa and holds a double Bachelors degree in Advertising/Public Relations and Neuroscience. She has always been interested in helping others reach their goals and has worked on accounts such as Metropolitan Ministries and Tech Start Tampa Bay. She is also an accomplished motivational speaker. Clients of her company, NeuroPolitan, include Robert Half, OKTA, Pickett and Associates Inc., LinkedIn Local, Out LLC, and Harmonies Brew. She is well endorsed by many professionals including Mike Schnell, the founder of Pickett and Associates Inc., and Kevin Moore, Co Founder of Tier One Inc.

As a speaker, she desires to teach the world how we can use social media to both stay successful in business and create an impact. Her journey through Snapchat and Instagram has brought her to the realization that as people, we have control over our technology and not the other way around. Megan's slogan and hashtag, #showmeyourwalk, is used to promote the idea of human individuality and success measured not in "before and afters", but in increments. She has spoken at events such as Barcamp Tampa Bay and Startup Week 2019.

Megan's second specialty as a speaker and coach is in Narcissistic Abuse Recovery. She is certified in Mental Health First Aid and has acted as a speaker and researcher for 3 years. Both from personal experience and extensive research, she has developed exercises that can help victims of narcissistic abuse and is currently working on the publication of her first book. Megan Koleff plans to continue her mission to help with the long term recovery of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) specified trauma and plans to utilize all of her resources to accomplish that mission.

"Instead of people competing with one another and worrying about results, I believe we should be focused on how we get there and continue to move forward. #Showmeyourwalk is my hashtag because I really believe that we all have a walk that we worked hard for in some way. In using social media to promote this message, I learned that we could use posting in a way that is more meaningful. I aim to show the world how we can do this and how we can maintain it because, the truth is, technology is not going anywhere. We just need to learn how to work with it. " - Megan Kay

"You cannot change everything, but do not let this allow you to believe you can change nothing." - Megan Kay


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