Acting Coach for Working Actors

I will help you break down the copy/sides quickly and make it your own, to audition with confidence & comfort

I started booking non union commercials and then moved my way up to the William Morris Agency in 1995. I became a member of SAG & AFTRA in 1996 by booking national commercials. I booked a series recurring role on a TV series called,"Alright Already", followed by other TV shows like "Grounded for Life" and " King of Queens", "Significant Others", "Criminal Minds", "Dr. Ken", "Lethal Weapon" as well.

As an actor, in order to communicate your artistic statement, you must imprint something unique into each performance by expressing a sense of truth, reality and understanding thru specific choices that come from and relate to YOU.

I was asked to teach a commercial class at The Promenade Playhouse & Conservatory in Santa Monica. I enjoyed teaching so much and received so much positive feedback that I continue to teach commercial classes as well as Improv, Comedy and On Camera classes until present day.

I have been very fortunate and blessed to have many students/clients now successfully working in the entertainment industry, including Movie & TV star Ken Jeong (Hangover 1,2,3; NBC's Community; Knocked Up; Role Models etc.), Tony award winning Broadway star Tonya Pinkins (Jelly's Last Jam; The Hurt Village; Storefront Church;TV's 24; Army Wives etc.), and Japanese star Tsuyoshi Ihara (Clint Eastwood's " Flags of our Fathers), Telenovela actor Luis Alberto Aracena, Toru Uchikado(Heroes Reborn), Alain Washnevsky(The Conners, Homeland, SEAL Team) etc.

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