Working Together - Value Added using Gender Dynamics

Engagement Activity for men and women working together, forging new awareness, improving performance and expanding creativity with departments, teams, work-forces, Dr Pauline Crawford-Omps has 30 years experience in business arenas across a wide range of sectors.

The engagement delivers;

Maximum effectiveness in the shortest time period using a dual technique of directed dialogue and magical conversation table circles to form an innovative mind-mapping output.

This collates collective viewpoints from free-form conversations that lead to action sets and milestone for results.


Motivated engaged employees and balance between male and females with the work environment

Heightened awareness and resolution on difficult topics of today e.g. appropriate behavior, sexual harassment, working practices between diverse groups.

Speedy results that can be actionable immediately


Individuals performance increases in personal confidence to better lead mixed workplace cultures

Relationships improve one-on-one and in group dynamics

Talent if retained and encouraged giving longevity of employment and best use of talent.

Programs can be designed for

90 mins

half day

full day

Group size up to 48. Larger groups possible with increase numbers of table facilitators.

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