Family Health and Wellness Coaching

Family Health and Wellness Coaching

Individual Coaching/Consultation Sessions with a Focus on Eliminating Allergies to Foods, Pets, Environmental Allergens.
Customized Meal Plans Available.

Ynge Ljung, acupuncture physician, naturopath and the creator of The Allergy Kit, graduated from the Community School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1995.

Taking many courses in additional modalities, she studied the NAET system for allergy elimination in 1998 and added this modality to her acupuncture practice. She had found, that acupuncture being a great medicine, wasn’t always enough and adding allergy elimination to her treatments enhanced the results.

The trend today to be gluten sensitive, for example, has become a pandemic, and so have allergies in general.

Digestion is getting worse, people and children are getting sicker every day, bad health has become not only an epidemic, but a pandemic, which means health is declining all over the world.

This has been of great concern to Ynge, who during these last 20 years has seen the health decline also in children. One in two children has chronic illness, and one child in twenty-five runs the risk of becoming autistic!

Why? That’s the question she is trying to answer, or at least to inform the mothers, fathers, and caregivers of these sick children.

She is passionate about better knowledge of nutrition, vaccinations, what our crops are sprayed with, genetically modified organisms, what all these things can possibly do to our health, and why it is so important to eat organic food so that we can improve our health and our children’s future. Ynge has a clinic in Hallandale, Florida and she is also available for remote consultations.

Keywords: Food Allergies, Pet Allergies, Environmental Allergies, Family Health and Wellness Coaching, Behavior Problems, All Gut and Digestive Problems, Autoimmune Problems, Weight Management, Emotional problems
Coaching Thema: LC Körperliche Beschwerden
Geschlecht des Coach: Weiblich

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