2nd Chance Services

2nd Chance Services

Edna J. White is dedicated to facilitating the growth and empowerment of the way of life. Edna’s body of work spans over two decades and includes 22 + 2 upcoming collaborations of published books (1 book is on the preferred list of RAINN the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization, and one of her books is translated into Mandarin for an ESL School), and 1 annual magazine that she is the editor.

A woman of passion, vision, and purpose, Edna speaks to a no-nonsense approach to her message and teaching style. Outspoken, fiery, transparent, truthful, and wise, she is living testament to the value of if you do the work your life’s hardships can be transformed into victories.

With a rich history in the religious sector as an ordained Evangelist and youth community leader from The Unity Church of our Lord of Medford, she continues that foundation to support others, her family and her friendships.

White has forever changed the way people understand individual recovery in surviving childhood sexual abuse. Her outspoken and direct challenges and words shaped the efforts of countless colleagues and students.

Edna has also served as the point person for developing housing industry changes in her 18+ year profession as a licensed real estate broker and now volunteering that service with the Brookhaven Unit of the NAACP Economic Development Committee. She continues to move and shake the world through her work with the LI Coalition for the Homeless and now being voted in the volunteer role as the President of The Greater Gordon Heights Chamber of Commerce.

She embodies the words of her shero, Shirley Chisolm, "You don't make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas."

Alter : 55
Jahre Erfahrung: 10-20
KEYWORDS: motivational speaker, keynote speaker, inspirational speaker, group coach

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2nd Chance Services