Chantelle Simone

Chantelle Simone is a Results-Driven Board Approved Transformational NLP Trainer & Master Coach who is a champion of people living their purpose. She helps you demystify your identity and fill that void with the work that aligns with who you are and divinely lights you up!

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and is a Master Black Belt in Business Process Improvement. In pursuit of empowering individuals to know their true identity & gifts, revealing their life’s work and overcome obstacles, she singlehandedly merged her business process re-engineering experience with her drive of seeing people live fulfilled into a system call the The Cmoné Method™: Embracing the True You!

Jahre Erfahrung: 10-20
KEYWORDS: Living on purpose, business consulting, starting a business, launching your dream, de-clutter your mind, get unstuck, reveal the truth about you, determine what's holding you back

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